PKD Studies 

This project is the result of a two-month artist in residence project at Kentish Town Health Centre, where I look for an interpretation of the beauty behind illness. Through
photography and embroidery I explore the beauty of PKD cells.

I was born with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), a genetic disorder passed down through generations. The disease renders the body vulnerable to an unrequested
destiny. This genetic flaw has led me to explore the physical and psychological relationships that spring from inherited DNA.

A significant part of us is made by others, we take and receive qualities from each other. In the same way we inherit the colour of the eyes, genetic disorders and habits are passed onto us. Probably by seeing your parents, it is likely that you are looking at yourself. Our genetic and biological characteristics remain outside of our control, sewn inside us at the very moment of conception.

It seems that our body is a friend when it is healthy and an adversary when it is sick. We
can either give in to our illness and become defined by it or we refuse to coexist with
the illness. This causes the further question: If we are our body, does that mean we are the disease?